Opera singers Robert Close and Litz Plummer set up shop at the end of Maiden Lane. Close began singing on the street in 1998, at the end of a six-year stint with “Phantom of the Opera”. Frustrated that his talents were not being exercised on more challenging material, Close began singing on the streets for the adulation and dollars of bystanders. He chose his spot on Maiden Lane for its acoustics, which allow him to project his powerful tenor up to four blocks away.

Robert Close is an Italian Opera tenor. He is a native San Franciscan who has sung here in the City for 25 years. He performed in the San Francisco production of Phantom of the Opera from 1993 until 1999.

Litz Plummer was in search of work after moving to San Francisco some years ago from North Carolina. She offered her services as a soprano, and the two have been singing together since.

They can always be heard on weekends as well as other days on occasion.